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Electric Vehicle Surge Technology-Details !


Surge Motor Technology by Troy Reed

In around 1994, Troy Reed claimed to have a fuelless, pollution-free motor with around 7 kilowatts of output, powerful enough to run a house or a car. The technology received a flurry of high-level interest, including major media. Actor and co-inventor, Dennis Weaver organized a cross-country demonstration.

The technology was apparently hampered when Troy’s wife and VP of the company divorced and moved to Costa Rica. Reed admitted on tape in 1999 that he had not achieved self-sustainability.

From 1980-1995, Troy allegedly built a generator that allegedly was powering his own home (and some of the neighbors when the power went out). Usually it put out around 15-30 kW, but it was capable of putting out 70 kW.

As of 2006, the son, Mark, is doing other things, but would eventually like to resurrect the “Mach II” version of the magnet motor, for which he has the full blueprints that he drew.


WO9010337: Magnetic Motor

A magnetic motor is driven by the repelling forces of fixed and rotating magnets. The rotating magnets (22, 32) are mounted equally spaced about the perimeter of a disk (20) which rotates as the flywheel of the motor. Stationary magnets (18, 28) are supported adjacent the rotating magnets (22, 32). There are four injector pins (76A, 76B, 76C, 76D), much like the common injector pins on ball point pens, which are set and released by an injector pad (48A, 48B, 48C, 48D) driven by the crankshaft (14) of the engine. The crankshaft (14) and flywheel are driven by the repulsive forces created by the fixed and rotary magnets (22, 32) with the injector pin system (34, 36, 38, 40) operating to kick the crankshaft (14) and the flywheel over center.

US 5,742,111: D.C. electric motor

The commutator segments for a d.c. electric motor includes one or plurality of slots which improves horsepower at less amperage.

Magnetic Heater

  • USP Application # 2003 066830 “Magnetic Heater Apparatus and Method” (4-10-2003)


Company: Surge Power Corporation

Tulsa, OK

Name listed on patent.

Inventor: Troy Reed

Born in around 1937.

On Mar 17, 2006, Troy’s son, Mark, allegedly wrote:
(slightly edited)

“The problem that happened is that Troy (Dad) and Evelyn, his wife at the time and VP of the company, got a devorce while dealing with a company to manufacture the base product.

Of coarse egos got in the way along with financial problems. I think Evelyn has moved to Costa Rica.

“Some of the technology did make it into the EZGO golf cart. A lot of other issue between Reed Technology’s and other company that where in negotiations.
“Dad has been working on some other project that may some day come out.
“As for me I had to go back to work to make a living but in the back of my mind I still want to build the second generation of the magnetic motor that was named the Mach II, which I still have the original plans I drew up so 10 years ago. The Mach II was designed to have around 400 HP at 1500 RPMs. I am listed as the co inventor of this motor; and maybe some day I can get back to it. Many people in the “Free energy�? groups like Richard has seen the base plans for this next generation motor.
“But with the issue that happened, who know when this project will continue.
“Sorry to all of you that were involved and where let down.”

Co-inventor: Dennis Weaver

Actor, Dennis Weaver helped promote Troy Reed’s technology, but apparently to no avail. He founded the Institute of Ecolonomics.

Weaver died in 2006 at the age of 81.

  • Environmentalist Actor Dennis Weaver dies – Dennis Weaver was one of the first major actors to speak out for the environment and put his money where his mouth was. As an environmentalist he made a documentary about alternative vehicles. (TreeHugger; Toronto; Feb. 27, 2006)


In the News

Other Coverage

“Troy Reed (USA) has working models of a special magnetized fan that heats up as it spins. It takes exactly the same amount of energy to spin the fan whether it is generating heat or not. Another method uses magnets mounted on a wheel to produce large eddy currents in a plate of aluminium, causing the aluminium to heat up rapidly. These magnetic heaters have been demonstrated by Muller (Canada), Adams (NZ) and Reed (USA). All of these systems can produce ten times more heat than standard methods using the same energy input.”

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  1. Bertrum J Meisner Jr

    I would love to see some figures on energy input compared to energy output. I see nothing to suggest that it is energy free if there is any energy required to start and or run the device. If I can see more information on the energy consumed I would be must more interested in the device.

  2. Bertrum J Meisner Jr

    I would be very interested in this device if it gave more information on power consumed compared to power output. Please feel free to message me on Facebook if there is more information in this matter.

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